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As an established architectural firm located in Melbourne, we specialise in the design of small to medium multi-residential developments, new single dwellings and residential extensions. We are a multi-lingual office with Project Architects available to communicate in English, German and French.

Our collaborative design process between client, consultant team, and relevant authorities ensures outcomes that are founded on design excellence whilst also personalised and relevant to their surroundings. Each project is an intelligently considered proposal which seeks to exceed client aspirations whilst maximising the site’s unique opportunities. This, for us, is key to the development of an architecturally rich project.

Atelier 1:7 is committed to applying sustainable design principles to our projects to create homes that are a pleasure to inhabit.


Principal - Director 

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Steven Mittelman is a Principal and Co-director of Atelier 1:7 with over 15 years of practical experience in France and Melbourne. Upon completion of his studies at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Belleville, Steven quickly advanced to the position of Project Architect in prominent French Architecture firms in Lyon and Paris, on projects of various scales. Having completed his Masters thesis on the topic of social housing and the effects of urban sprawl in the St Blaise District of Paris, Steven is highly adept in conceptual thinking and feasibility design on an urban scale. In Australia, Steven’s focus has been the design and build of a range of projects, predominantly in the residential sector.

Steven has held a significant role in numerous and varied project teams including large urban design initiatives such as the Paris Periphery Tramway, Restructuring of the Hoche-Sernam district in Nimes, and the Grand Project of Urban Renewal of St Blaise in Paris 20th. As Principal-Director of Atelier 1:7, Steven is responsible for leading the design direction of the studio and ensuring the concept and design quality is sustained through all project phases to detailed construction. 

Masters in Architecture (Hons), Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Paris Belleville, 2004-2007
Bachelor of Architecture, Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Architecture de Lyon, 2000-2003


Principal - Director 


Hella Wigge is a Principal and Co-director of Atelier 1:7. Also an artist, she has lived and practiced as an Architect in Australia and Europe and has been teaching Architecture at Melbourne University since 2006.

Her primary design principles are based on phenomenology, focusing on materiality, spatial qualities and atmosphere. She is deeply passionate about the effect architecture has on the human body, mind and spirit, as well as upon the urban and greater environments.

A practicing artist with an interest in up-cycled fashion, she has a love and keen eye for colour, composition and proportion.


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